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  1. Harish wrote on :

    Looking forward for the most enhanced and optimized updates………..

    Great news,great browser……..gr8 experience

    1. Swapnil wrote on :

      Hey How can i contribute in mozilla projects and delhi party makers?

  2. LOGANATHAN G wrote on :

    We in INDIA, like to donate to MOZILLA, through NET BANKING etc, but in only INDIAN CURRENCY. How?.

  3. Ashley Alexsius Dsouza wrote on :

    Am a comp engg student from Goa and want to conduct a Firefox OS event in my college..
    Any help…
    We love firefox

  4. Ashley Alexsius Dsouza wrote on :

    My email:ashley.d39souza@gmail.com

  5. PARAG SHARMA wrote on :

    I am facing a strange problem with thunderbird. When I send a mail with one account, the mail also gets sent with other email account in the thunderbird.

    How do I get over it? Can anyone help. Any problems in the settings.

  6. Satnam wrote on :

    Hi team
    Need ur help urgently