[Call for Action] Pan India Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v3.0

After the grand success of the first  and second experimental Pilot, the Mozilla Geolocation team is excited to run another pilot in India.

Mozilla  Geolocation service is so far the most open & public location service in the world, and now you have  the opportunity to help  make it  better. We have formed a Geolocation Taskforce for India which will be  helping the volunteers to carry out the Third pilot in their region.
It’s been a little more than one year since the last pilot event but we still have small events happening all over India and now, let’s take the opportunity of the third pilot & break our own past record!
Event Details
In order to improvise from our last pilot, we’ve figured that there’s no need for it to be an offline, single venue event. This time we’re going with pan-India scope right from the beginning & kicking-off with a virtual event (Video Conference over hangout), for anyone to join in, from anywhere in India.The kick off event has been scheduled at 8:00PM IST on 1st  Sept, 2015. 

Once kicked off, y’all will have 21days [3 week] (ending on 22st Sept, 2015 at 8:00PM IST) to scout all over India with MozStumbler. But make sure to register yourselves as a Geolocation scout (detailed later; registering is important).

Remote Sites
As the event will be kicked off with a virtual event, we’ve primarily selected a few remote sites where we’ll be having teams who will be joining us over the video conference. Here’s the list of locations we have so far:
          City                   Curator                  
    Bangalore              Galaxy
    Hyderabad             Ajay Jogawath         
    Indore                    Mrinal Jain
    Kerala                    Kumaresan.C.S.
    Kolkata                   Sumantro Mukherjee 
    Nashik                    Ronit Jadhav
    Odisa                      Rishu Goenka
    Pune                       Sayak Sarkar      
    UP                           Vnisha Srivastav
    Tamil Nadu            Viswaprasath
If you’re from the listed cities, please contact the respective curators from your city for details on how to join; OR, if you’re planning to host a remote site & your city isn’t listed above, please contact me with the details & I’ll have the list updated.
How to participate
Please fill up this form to register yourself as a scout of Mozilla Geolocation Pilot 3:
Here’s how:
  1. Download & install MozStumbler(add play store link) on your GPS enabled Android phone 
  • You may have to enable installing apps from SD card security lock
2.Open the App, visit settings & set a Nickname and email id
  • Share the nick by filling up the form embedded below
3. on about Stumbling all over the places, throughout India 
  • The app doesn’t need an active data connection
  • You can upload all collected data whenever you get online
4.On 10th,Sept 2015 12:00 UTC, we’ll publish the custom leaderboard 
  • We’ll look up for scores only among the form-submitted Nicks
If you are already stumbling ,please sync all the remaining points to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Reward & Recognition
As Mozilla Location Service’s community is growing, we’ll count on you to make your region brightest on the MLS’s Map; and all your contributions will be recognized with a follow-up post.
That’s not all. To further appreciate the top contributors, we’ll be giving surprise gifts.
  • Topper
  • Runner-up
  • 2 runner-ups
  • Most New cells
  • Most New Wifi Networks
All other geolocation-scouts with valiant contributions will also be recognized in the follow-up blog post.
So, go on now… the time is ticking! 

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