Gearing up for Firefox Nightly: All set to kick off on May 1

Posted by Ankit


As you might have head that entire Mozilla India community is going to create an outstanding campaign. As our dedicated, passionate and innovative, the members of the Mozilla India community always wanted to be associated with something great. From students to evangelists, this unique group of people really care about the true mission of Mozilla. This brings us to Firefox Nightly, a special version of your favourite Firefox browser, but with a different touch. To promote any new product, awareness is a must and this is why the concept of Firefox Nightly must be spread aggressively. The excitement is at an all-time high, as interesting things are in store.

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The 60-day campaign will feature as many as 15 events in 15 different places across the country and it will be an exciting ride. Firefox Nightly has essentially meant for the power-users as well as the core contributors of Mozilla. Developers under the Mozilla community are constantly testing the version and a feedback loop has been initiated. By involving all the active members, we plan to create a closely-knit community of innovators. The goals of this initiative are quite simple, 1000 Firefox Nightly will be installed and 20 new core contributors will be added to the campaign. The event will be run by 30 talented Mozillians and they will reach out to as many as 500 attendees.

Recently we had organized one community call on this campaign. You can watch it to know more:

How to get involved:

Online Activities:
  • Telling and inviting friends!
  • Create the event in social media!
  • Writing about it on Facebook & Twitter.
  • Posting updates on social media when the event is running.
  • Blog posting.
Offline Activities:
  • Introduction to Mozilla
  • Introduction to Firefox Nightly
  • Release cycle details
  • Why we need Firefox Nightly users?
  • Showing various stats regarding Firefox
  • Installing Nightly on participant’s PC
  • WebCompat on Firefox Nightly
  • How they can contribute in Nightly (QA and Promotion)
  • Swag Distribution

Few important things…

  • Duration of Campaign: 2 months
  • Total Number of events: 15
  • Campaign Hashtag: #INUsesFxNightlyDuration of each event: 3-5 hours

How to file a swag request?

Swags can be filed by Mozilla Reps, but non-reps must connect through an existing Mozilla Reps. In extreme cases, the core team should be contacted. After filing the crucial swag request, the representative must keep in the cc of that bug. The campaign owner will then complete marking the bug by putting the term INUsesFxNightly, in the whiteboard. Getting the swag pack is quite simple, but the event organizer must have a clear agenda of the event and define the goals. After the event ends, the event organizer must write a blog post and pictures from the event should be embedded in it. The metrics of this post must reach the core team so that they can analyse it easily. Know more here .

  • How to file a budget request?

  • The process of filing the budget request is almost similar to that of the swag request. Reps can do it themselves, while non-representatives must contact a reps first. The budget for every event is fixed at $25 (Rs 1500). Only the refreshment costs are covered in the budget and other costs are not included. By creating an effective event agenda with pre-defined goals, event organizers can make the application process easier. The reimbursement will be done only after the submission of the event report and it takes a maximum of seven days. Know more here .

If you have a special query, please send a mail to Biraj Karmakar [brnet00 AT gmail DOT com]. Don’t forget to join our telegram group for a realtime chat.

This is a guest post by Subhasis Chatterjee and Biraj Karmakar


India uses Firefox Nightly Campaign: 15 Events in 60 Days!!

Posted by Ankit


Yet another campaign!! And excitement galore.

So hold your breath. Here comes the exciting news for all the Mozillians. With an aim to increase Firefox nightly usage in India, we’re bringing in a new campaign called “India uses Firefox Nightly“.

Have you tried Firefox Nightly yet, download it now and check yourself. Very few people in India actually know about Firefox Nightly. So, we’ve taken an initiative to run a pilot campaign for Firefox Nightly throughout India just to make our Mozilla India community aware and educate on the usefulness of this campaign.

Forget not, India has a fairly big Mozilla community comprising of dedicated students, developers and evangelists who are really passionate about Mozilla. For next two months, starting from May probably, we’ll hold 15 different events in 15 different cities. All the events will be coordinated and organized by the local Mozilla community.

We invite students, community members, developers, open source evangelists to spread the word through social media using Hashtag: #INUsesFxNightly and simultaneously run this campaign successfully. As part of the online campaign, the propagation should be made through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), blogs, promotional snippets, email, mailing list, website news items etc. For offline activities, any community member or open source enthusiast can host an event in their area or join any nearby event to help organizers. The event can be held at a startup company, school, universities, community centres, home, cafés.


Firefox Nightly is an attempt to decide what the future of Firefox will be for hundreds of millions of people. Having a healthy and strong technical community using and testing Nightly is a great way to easily get involved in Mozilla by providing a constant feedback loop to developers. Here Mozillians will get ample scope to test lots of pre-release features.

So, it needs a lot of enthusiasm and courage to take the challenge of making 1000 Nightly installed, which is our goal. We want a total of 30 Mozillians (2 per event) to take charge of 15 events ensuring around 500 attendees. We need many core campaign volunteers who will help us to run this initiative smoothly. If you are interested please join us here.

Inviting Contributors to join hangouts call to know about @mozillain uses Firefox Nightly share your preferred time till 7 April, 13:00 IST at

Doesn’t it sound interesting? More details will come soon. Stay tuned!

This is a guest post by Subhasis Chatterjee, who has been actively promoting Mozilla and its activities since last one and half years contributing in the areas of Web Literacy, Advocacy, Localization, Mozilla Campus Campign and PR & Branding, He also runs a Mozilla Club.

Privacy Month Campaign 2017

Posted by Vishal Chavan


Hello Mozillians,

Every year on January 28th, we celebrate the International Data Privacy Day. This year also to celebrate the day we are staring with the Privacy Month Campaign. It is a community led initiative to make users and makers of the web learn, teach, care and share about Online Privacy.

The aim of this campaign is to teach privacy basics and advanced dynamics to the web users and make them understand its importance via some fun activities and online posts. These posts are both informative as well as an interesting way to deliver the important message of Online Privacy and various infringements to it on the Internet today. Privacy Month is the first of many steps we’ll be taking this year in an effort to empower the users of the web to protect their privacy and control their digital footprint.

This campaign was originated by Mozilla India and is intended to be a global campaign. Communities from all over the world can participate. Please see below for the ways you can get involved. Volunteers are welcome to help with online posts, events, teaching kits and other resources like localization, and more.

Following the success of last year’s campaign, this year too has 2 parts:

  1. Online: 31 Teachable Moments. The goal of the online campaign is to provide a privacy tip a day that an average user could complete in 10 minutes or less. Tips will be shared through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  1. Offline: Host a Popup or community event/session/workshop to teach about privacy. The community will be hosting in-person privacy events throughout the month of January. This year, we hope this project goes global and include Mozilla community privacy events from around the world. You can help us by hosting online privacy focused events in your neighborhood, campus, school, city or region.

Share your experiences using these hash tags: #PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy. Want to know more, here is how.

To know more about this campaign, click here. To know more about last year’s campaign, click here.

You can contribute by tweeting and posting on Facebook about online privacy. Help us by retweeting and sharing the daily tips through your Twitter and Facebook accounts (#PrivacyMonth #Advocate4Privacy).

Sign up to support the campaign:  (Reps and Vouched Mozillians can sign up at the above link using their profile)

We have started the campaign with the initial posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Join in and help us build a safer web for all !

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year !

Maker Fest 2017, Ahmedabad – Call for Participation

Posted by Mehul Patel


Hey Mozillians!

We are so thrilled to announce that Mozilla India is partnering with the India’s largest Maker Festival, Maker Fest 2017 for the 4th consecutive year. The call for participation is open for all Mozillians.

Mozilla India had partnered with Maker Fest
2017, to map and empower a community of educators and creative people who
share a passion to innovate, evolve and change the learning landscape. This
year, Makerfest is back with an upgraded
awesomeness with a 150+ Makers, 50 workshops, 25 awesome speakers and

About Maker Fest :
Maker Fest is the Indian continuation of Maker Faire hosted across America, Europe, Africa and Japan, among others. Maker Faire, which launched in California, USA in 2006, now hosts hundreds of thousands attendees twice a year across California and New York. It is the amalgamation of festivals celebrating the innovators and an art show with all the booths for inventors and demonstrations and workshops for attendees. Creators, artists and hobbyist across the country are invited to present their contemporary applications of ideas using the vast ocean of art, science and technology. Also, it is non-commercial and free for the public to attend.

Please note that we are on limited resources and sponsorship is available
for limited Mozillians. This event will be well documented. If you can’t
attend in person, there still will be many ways to participate and shape
the program-  Don’t  worry! As this is a open event, anyone interested can
join the event on their own.
Note: that the deadline to apply for the event is on or
before December 10th.
Mozilla India.