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Firefox मौजूदा और नए add-ons को स्थापित होने से रोक रहा है|

नयी सूचनाएँ:   कुछ उपभोक्ता जानकारी दे रहे है की उन्हे “about:studies” मे “hotfix-update-xpi-signing-intermediate-bug-1548973” study सक्रिय नही मिल रहा है। work-around के बजाय, जो बाद मे परेशानियाँ पैदा कर सकती … Read more

Quality Assurance in 2017

Let’s take a moment to remember and rejoice what we accomplished in 2017 as Mozillians. Walk through the past shows the path for future. Every contributor of Mozilla India is … Read more

HelloWeb Curriculum Workshop

Participation Opportunity – HelloWeb Curriculum Workshop   Supported by Mozilla Foundation the workshop will be held in Bangalore on 3rd June, 2017. It is being hosted by the HelloWeb team … Read more