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Welcome to Mozilla India!

We are delighted to prevail up on the launch of Mozilla India! We are part of the global community of Mozilla Foundation, founded to manifest the state of Mozilla community in India.

Our Mission:
Mozilla India is a community driven initiative to work together on a well defined goals with a purpose to improve and grow. We as a community aim to reach end users, contributors with various resources and guide them about the projects. We hope to make it easier for anyone to participate and help them focus on the projects they choose to get involve and advive them on getting started. Raise awareness on the Mozilla mission, introduce Mozilla to educational institutions, government organizations and corporate companies, increase PR activities. Create momentum for action and strive to keep the web open and at the same time increase the market share in India.

Promote projects and ideas of Mozilla in India by organizing events, localization of products, offering free help, knowledge, resources and our vision for an open web, make everyone realize that Internet is a critical public resource.

Join Us:
Are you a  student, filmmaker, photographer, teacher, developer, lawyer, doctor, open source enthusiast, or a designer who cares about the Web and love contributing or spreading Mozilla Firefox? This is the right place, Join us now!

Lets work together to make this world a better place!

Suggestions, Ideas & Criticism are welcome! Please comment below. For more information, email us at:

Mozilla India Team.

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