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The MozWedding – This time it’s the real one!

We have had several jokes around the MozWeddings…the wedding where two Mozillians tie the knot. Whether such a wedding could request for a budget from the Reps, whether we could have Mozilla swags as giveaways at such a wedding, whether the bride and the groom are to wear a Mozilla T-shirt while performing the ceremonies….well, our jokes were endless!

FaisalSaraMozWeddingMozilla India community’s first REAL MozWedding is finally here. Two of our community leaders are finally tying the knot on the 22nd of November 2015. Faisal Aziz, aka ‘Godfather’ for the Indian Mozilla community has been a Mozillian for more than 5 years now. A Mozilla Representative, a Mozilla Reps mentor, a Webmaker Super Mentor, and soon to be a Mozilla reps council member….he is totally a community superhero!

Along with being a community hero, this hero also managed to steal the heart of Sara Khan (should we start calling her the ‘Godmother’ from now on?) who has also been a Mozillian for over four years now. Sara is also a Mozilla Representative, a Mozilla reps mentor and an active WoMoz leader.

When Faisal and Sara started their community journey from Pune, there were no Mozilla Pune community. There was just a handful of individual contributors who were contributing to the Mozilla project on their own. Faisal and Sara were one of those community leaders, who initiated the process of building a community in Pune, gathering these existing contributors and onboarding a lot of new ones. Since then, there was no looking back. Pune is one of the most active communities of India today. After Pune, this couple led the Mumbai community, the Bhopal community, the Indore community and so many other Indian communities…sometimes individually, sometimes together.

Faisal and Sara are one of the cutest couple one could ever come across. Both being awesome individuals, they undoubtedly make a great pair. When Faisal is one of most talkative and enthusiastic person one would probably come across in the room during a community Meetup; Sara is a shy and soft spoken perfect gentlelady. Thus, they balance each other perfectly well.

The entire community is overwhelmed to finally have their first MozWedding and we all wish this wonderful couple a great life together.


Here are a few things our friends would like to say to the couple:

  • I remember that warm night in Bangalore when we sat next to each other and I learned for the first time that you were bound to spend the rest of your life together. I was so moved and so happy to see such a wonderful love story being close to reality. Now that the day has come for both of you to finally unite, I just want to tell you how happy that makes me, but more importantly, that I really wish you a very happy and fulfilled life as a family. I am sure you will celebrate this love the way it deserves to be celebrated. All the very very best for you on this journey. ~ Rosana Ardila
  • My heartiest congratulations to our very first desi MozCouple! May God bless you with a long and prosperous married life! 🙂 ~ Sayak Sarkar
  • Congratulations Faisal & Sara! Happy for you both! 🙂 ~ Galaxy Kadiyala
  • You are two beautiful people,
    Now teamed as a husband and a wife.
    Congratulations on tying the knot! Take a moment to enjoy all the special memories
    that you both will remember for the rest of your lives. ~ Diwanshi Pandey
  • Congratulations to both of you. Wish you for wonderful married life and make lots of MozChilden in the future who can continue this journey of FOSS 😀 ~ Saurabh Shah
  • Wishing you many more days as happy as this one, many more occasions for
    celebration, and a lifetime of love and laughter​.
    Congratulations, Faisal and Sara. Again Wish You A Very Happy Married Life!  ~ Meghraj Suthar

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  1. Moin Shaikh wrote on

    This is amazing, miracles do happen!

    Wish the new couple lots of blessing and happiness, may god bless them and may they keep nurturing the Mozilla community altogether 🙂

    Happy Wedding Faisal bhai and Sara bhabhi!


  2. prathamesh.chavan wrote on

    I first met both Faisal and Sara at Maker Party Pune in 2014. Both of them were very kind and warm to me. Since then, I am a true follower of both of them. I wish you both a very Happy Married life ahead. Congratulations on your wedding !!! o/


  3. Tanzeel Khan wrote on

    Congratulations! Faisal and Sara.
    I wish you a very happy married life 🙂


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