Activate Mozilla Community – Announcement and Updates

mozilla-activate-announcement-and-updatesExciting announcements for all the Mozillians!! Activate Mozilla Community is up and close to catch up your attention!!

Activate Mozilla Community is a significant campaign with four focus initiatives. It supports the current organisational goals by enthusing someone on how he can start participating on the web and build web a better place to live. It also encourages mobilisation of one’s community by predominantly focusing on initiatives like development on Rust, WebVR, testing as well as non-technical initiatives like Maker Party, Policy and Advocacy.

4 Different topics to be assimilated with (Focused Initiative):

  1. Developer Engagement
  2. Support the future Mozilla Web engine (coming soon)
  3. Defend Internet Privacy and Policy (coming soon)
  4. Use and Test Experimental Firefox Features

Developer Engagement

Developers play a significant role in Mozilla. To facilitate their functions and activities, we have developed certain add-ons. Few of those include some first-class developer tools in Firefox, Mozilla Add-ons and the Mozilla Developer Network, a widely known developer documentation portal. Presently, as part of the developer engagement initiative, we have the following current activities to initiate.

  1. Rust: What if you want to make web programming concise and secure? Rust is a system programming language that runs blazingly fast, prevents segfaults, and guarantees thread safety. We are looking forward to enrolling more developers for Rust. Rust is sure to make a better web environment and secure.
    How can you start developing in Rust? Check out the documentation of Rust and signup on rust developer list as fast as you can.
  2. Web Compatibility: Web Compatibility is an important issue to all those who look for a seamless running of all web content in all web browsers. The benefit of creating a compatible website lies in improving a website’s reach and minimises the loss of performance.

Use and test experimental Firefox features

To increase the quality of the product and services, we have to build and test them continuously. By testing new features and functionalities, we can help out to keep Firefox on the leading edge, and consumers are hooked on our product. You can assist us in this initiative by installing the test pilot now and checking out the activity flow for the same.

You can follow the available guidelines for Rust and Web compatibility activities to know and understand the format, event flow and other resources. Make sure to write a blog after finishing any activity. We have created a telegram group for a quick query, event discussion and reporting. Join the group, or visit our FAQ section. If you require budget and swag, then follow this Wiki.

Drashti Pandya, Rishita Bansal and Subhasis Chatterjee contributed to this blog. 

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  1. Meera Patel wrote on

    Would be looking ahead to know more about this.


  2. Ramani Rushik wrote on

    Yuppp it’s pretty cool .. thanks mozilla


  3. ShreyaKoushik23 wrote on

    For a Web Compatibility testing, multiple browsers on multiple platforms aren’t just difficult — it can be virtually impossible without the correct resources.


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