Guest Post: FREE DIGITAL LITERACY for 100 students from unprivileged communities

This is a guest post by Biraj Karmakar, who has been active promoting Mozilla, Free Software, Advocacy and privacy in India for over 7 years

Volunteering with Mozilla, I learned that the term “Digital Literacy” has become more popular in the last few years. Humans have started communicating through a variety of digital mediums. From our workplace to educational facilities, digital technology revolutionized everything. This makes computer education very important. Information can be accessed by using the internet and digital literacy opens up many avenues.That’s why I started this initiative called “Digital Literacy Camp 2017“- this is my dream project. Here Mozilla is proud partner.

So let me tell you all about my Dream ProjectDigital Literacy Camp 2017 – aim to reach 100 students from the unprivileged communityage 8 – 25 years, in my city “Barasat”, Kolkata and make them powerful web citizens, transforming the little part of our whole country. 1 Common dream. The Desire to learn – Basic Computer Learning, Internet & Web Literacy, Spoken English and Smartphone usage.

Our training period is 1st Mar to 31st May 2017.

We think that this campaign also taught these students the power of teamwork. 100 smiling faces learning together, guided by a fabulous team, working for a greater good. We believe in their abilities, we believe they have the capability to make difference in the lives of others. Every citizen deserves a digital learning opportunity, no matter how tough the fight is.

Campaign Video

Project Goal

One-half of the world has access to computers while the other half knows nothing about the latest developments in the digital world. This digital impurity will ultimately harm them and as responsible digital citizens, it is our duty to prevent that. From learning about safe behaviour online to discovering new sources of learning, we must teach them, how to use computer, internet and smartphone in the right way.  If the students master these skills from this young age, it won’t be a problem in the future. Much like these students, parents should also get this awareness, because they ultimately inspire them to chase their dreams. They must know how to connect online and utilize the online resources.

The students will

  1. Understand the working of a computer and know about the various programs.
  2. Use English while communicating with others. 50% of the content produced on the internet is written in English, so the spoken English skills will come in handy.
  3. Utilize the power of the internet to understand the world in a better way.  They must know how to connect online and utilize the online resources. Even they can know more about privacy on their online life.
  4. They can know how the smartphone can transform their life. Also, we have selected some fun activities which will not only keep them interested but also develop a learning spirit in them


The world has now transformed into a global village and the digital literacy movement will touch every city one by one. We have selected some fun activities which will not only keep them interested but also develop a learning sprit in them. These beautiful minds will; get the best resources from us and that included proper infrastructure, skilled trainers, study material, internet and skill-based class training.


Digital footprints are permanent and if they lack digital knowledge, they will never develop the ability to differentiate between what is trustworthy on the web and what is not. As they are proceeding down this path, these young students are growing their vocabulary, learning how to do research and most importantly their critical thinking skills are developed.For more updates, please follow our facebook and twitter.

Campaign hashtag is #digitalcamp2017

Please read more about this campaign and how you as an organization, individual or a friend can help:

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