Thank You All Mozilla India Geolocation Pilot Scouts

So, the first pilot of #mozGeo sprint comes to an end. We are astonished to see how much efforts all the scouts put in to make India quite a bit brighter on the world map of Mozilla Location Service.

MozGeo on 20140405

Check out the new addition of the Bangalore-Chennai roadway, Pune-Bangalore railway, Sultanpur-Kolhapur-Pune highway & most of the state of Kerala covered within the course of this week – how awesome is that!

We can’t thank enough the folks who made this possible. Here are the top fives, who will get the promised gift of appreciation (will be communicated with, shortly):

Rank  Name                ID             Points    Gift
----  ----                --             ------    ----
1     Rigin Oommen        Rigin Oommen   40905     7800mAh Battery Pack
2     Scrollback          Scrollback     34914     5600mAh Battery Pack
3     Ram Dayal Vaishnav  code_monkey    22607     2800mAh Battery Pack
4     Suraj Kawade        Sur            20339     2800mAh Battery Pack
5     Namu Srikanth       srikanth       13665     2800mAh Battery Pack
* Points calculated semi-realtime on 2014-05-04, 12:00 UTC (17:30 IST)
** If you're too excited to wait, ping (mozSanta) Galaxy for your gift

Apart from them, we are delighted to recognize all the scouts’ valiant contributions. Here are the names of the scouts who scored 1000+ points by the sprint endpoint: Tripad M, Ronit Dinesh Jadhav, Sayak Sarkar, Aniket Deshpande, Kumaresan C.S., Siddharth Subramanian, Srikar Ananthula, Abhiram R, Galaxy Kadiyala, Sandesh Gade, Adit Bhardwaj, Soumya Deb, Afreen, Gugulothu Venkanna, Venkataraman & Anivar Aravind. A huge shout-out for you guys!

It was great fun & we look forward to conduct more such programs in near future. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for the current status of Mozilla Geolocation coverage in India and the neighboring countries of South Asia.

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  1. Ronit Dinesh Jadhav wrote on

    It was a Fun…..!!
    Congrats all the winners….!!
    Keep contributing….. 🙂


    1. Rigin Oommen wrote on

      thank you


  2. Abhiram wrote on

    It was great taking part in the scout ! 🙂


  3. Vinit Wankhede wrote on

    I am user of MozStumbler too and actively contributing to MozStumbler. But I didn’t knew about this competition. Alas! 🙁

    My score is 112226 with username vinitraje. And If you see the map of Maharashtra, I scanned most part of it excluding Pune and Mumbai city. 😉

    I hope next time you can make announcement on location services website too.


  4. Rishu Goenka wrote on

    I too scored more than 1000+ ID is rish….


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