Maker Party Pune

Maker Party 2014 was kick-started by President Obama at White House Maker Faire this June. From June 15 – Sept 15, Mozilla Foundation is hosting a Global Maker Party, with small to large Webmaking events happening everywhere. Mozilla India will be hosting/ be part of the flagship Maker Party World Tour.

Maker Party Pune

Maker Party Pune

Maker Party Pune is being held on the 6th of September 2014. The executive director of Mozilla Foundation, Mark Surman, is going to be personally present for this event. This event is an attempt to map and empower a community of educators and creative people who share a passion to innovate, evolve and change the learning landscape.

The event has a simple format called ‘Hive Pop-up’, it’s like a science fair, where facilitators are sharing cutting edge technologies, teach something new in a engaging way. This event is a platform to connect diverse organizations with learners and encourage connected learning.

We are asking organizations to host a learning station, i.e. a simple table-top activity,  based on their programs/ background, by planning hands-on activity that is easily understandable by any age group/ skill level.

The audience age group would be *13+ and above*, the attempt to target tweens, teens and adults is, we think it is the right time to tap their interest and get the ‘Maker‘ thinking right from the young age than being a ‘consumer’. i.e. Encourage the youth to change from ‘technology/web consumers’ to ‘technology/web makers‘.

If you would like to be a part of this event, please register using the form below:

[ps: This is a free event. No registration fee will be required for this event. But if you are travelling from outside Pune, you will need to take care of your own travel and accomodation.]

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