Hop on the FirefoxOS Bus!

Yes, you heard it right, FirefoxOS Bus is coming to India!

MozBusWhy FirefoxOS Bus?
A Firefox OS themed bus will tour across India in target cities. FirefoxOS Bus shows the spirit of Mozilla, the awesomeness of Firefox. Spreading the goodness of Firefox OS. Firefox OS aims to bring the next 2 billion people online, providing first smartphone experience at a affordable price. With this we plan to reach to our users, reach where our community is. Through this trip we’ll share the story of Mozilla Firefox, maximize its reach & impact of Open Web.

Who Will Be On The Bus?
Anyone who loves Firefox OS and are excited to spread the word can be part of the journey! There will be several ways to be part of this epic journey:

Mobilizer Crew:
Onboard: Mobilizer Crew on-board are some of the *awesomest* Mozillians who will be part of the entire trip. This team will be a small group but with tons of energy and expertise on Mozilla, engaging users, community across the way. Sign-up to be a Mobilizer Crew.

Regional Coordinators: Regional coordinators will help plan activities in their respective city. They host FirefoxOS Bus and mobilize local community to join the fun. Suggest and help do public events. No need to be part of bus travel. Sign-up to be a Regional Coordinator.

Hop-on & Hop-off: Interested community can hop-on the bus from their city to next destination!

Sounds exciting? There is more – There will be public shows, swag, surprise gifts, online campaign and a lot more fun packed altogether! And most importantly our celebrity rockstar, ‘Firefox‘ will be part of this trip!

How To Get Involved?
* Sign-up to be a Mobilizer Crew. (Involves Travel)
* Sign-up to be a Regional Coordinator. (No Travel Involved)
* Sign-up to Hop-on & Hop-off: (Watch this space later!)

Where will be the Bus traveling to & How long is the trip?
This would be a ~10 day trip +/-2 days. Below is the tentative route & dates:

CITY/ REGION  +/- 2 hours DATE
Inaugural Event/ Crew Meetup TBD
Hyderabad -> Vizag 10 h – 591 km TBD
Vizag -> Bhubaneshwar 7 h – 443 km TBD
Bhubaneshwar -> Kolkata 6 h – 442 km TBD
Kolkata -> Lucknow(Varanasi) 14 h – 1000 km TBD
Lucknow/Varanasi -> (via Agra?) Delhi 7 h  – 473 km TBD
Delhi -> Jaipur 4 h – 264 km TBD
Jaipur -> Indore 10 h – 645 km TBD
Indore -> Nashik 7 h – 414 km TBD
Nashik -> Mumbai 4 h – 166 km TBD
Mumbai -> Pune 4 h – 148 km TBD
Pune -> Goa (?) 8 h – 457 km TBD
Goa -> Bangalore 10 h – 558 km TBD
Bangalore -> Hyderabad 9 h – 569 km TBD

NOTE: Above Route, dates are tentative and rough. Stay tuned for final details.

Mozilla Bus India

While FirefoxOS Bus is in making, check out the MozBus from Japan!

Be part of the epic journey! Make awesome friends, create positive impact. Mark your calenders, all you need is lots of energy, rest all will be taken care of – awesome food, wi-fi, safety and anything and everything to survive for the trip 🙂

Have questions, ideas, feedback on route or just excited to talk to us? Please reach-out to:
Abid Aboobaker, Mission Commander at FirefoxOSBus AT mozillaindia DOT org

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  1. কৌস্তভ wrote on

    Wow ! It’s a wonderful initiative ! Looking forward to hop on the bus. So many people can get to know about the Mozilla mission by this way. Waiting for 14th July to come.


  2. Veera Manikanta wrote on

    awesome.eagerly waiting for the bus ….!


  3. Subrahmanyam wrote on

    Hi vineel,
    Can the bus go from Delhi to Jaipur via Pilani which is on the way.Because in Pilani we have 2 communities and around 1000+ FSA`S and 5000+ students.It will be a wonderful opportunity for FSA`s as well as the college students to witness the OS Bus


  4. Chandan Baba wrote on

    Yay B| Too Much Excited 😀


  5. Mrinal Jain wrote on

    how will be local mozillians of each city able to contribute in the event ?


  6. Santosh Viswanatham wrote on

    yayyy! Awesome ^_^


  7. Rohit Raj wrote on

    I am a part of the Mozilla club in srm university and i would really love it if u could manage a stop in Chennai.

    humble request


  8. HarshaBandaru wrote on

    That is.. absolutely exciting!!!!!


  9. Sahal Sathar wrote on

    Wow awesome….
    Looking forward to it


  10. Abin Abraham wrote on

    This is Interesting….!!!


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