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Announcing Policy and Advocacy Task Force

Many Mozillians in India have been active in Internet related policy and advocacy issues in their individual capacities in the past few years. We have fended off threats to the open Web by forming ad-hoc groups and joining hands with like minded groups and individuals. The debate surrounding net neutrality was a learning experience for our community. There are two major insights to be taken from this:

  • We need to actively participate in and lead policy related discussions in India.
  • We should educate the Mozilla community in India and the public in general about topics related to the Internet and the open Web and build a team who can advocate the same.

Based on these ideas, the Mozilla India Policy and Advocacy Task Force was formed in the task force meetup recently held at Bangalore from May 8 to 10, 2015.

Key Focus of this task force:

  • Addressing and engaging with Government and institutional policies related to the Internet, open source software, open standards, privacy, security, etc. in alignment with the Mozilla Manifesto.
  • Spreading awareness on Internet related policy issues to mozillians and the public.
  • Building and running an education program surrounding Internet related policy & advocacy issues and increasing awareness.

You can find More details of the task force at

We request all community members to dedicate a slot in all Mozilla events happening in the country towards policy and advocacy. Let us pro-actively build a strong community who understands and value the open Web


If you are interested in joining the Policy and advocacy task force, please follow the instructions on the wiki

Community Calls

Join us on our monthly community calls on every second saturday 10 PM (starting 13th June, Saturday)


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