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We need your help in re-designing the Mozilla India website !

At the Mozilla India community meetup at Pune, from the discussion that we had with the attendees, it is clear that building a fully functional regional website that caters the needs of the regional community and users in India, should be our top priority.

As of now, is developed and maintained by one of our active contributor, a Mozilla Rep(former student rep), Abhishek Nagar of Kashipur Networks for the past one year. We are very thankful to him for keep it running. 🙂 So far, the regional website is proved to be helpul and serving the purpose with its various functionalities(profile creation, community map, events calender, blog, in-built chat, links to Mozilla projetcs and other documentation). we managed to accomplish several things using the website.

But, as we move forward the website need a complete design overhaul, to be able to be ready for the present & future needs at the same time create a unique website design & functionality that captures the essence of Mozilla India community & our culture. website is Mozilla India’s key web property.

Next Steps:
The Mozilla India Website re-design project is a regional community initiative. We plan to re-design the website in a collaborative, open manner. The proposed next steps, include:

  • Discuss the goals & features for the regional website in detail:

    • Feature the Download option of Firefox versions available in various Indian languages.
    • Along the terms of One Mozilla theme
    • Incorporate Browser ID
    • HTML5 based (example:
    • What does the website mean to:

      1. User: Anyone visiting the project.
      2. Contributor: User who contributes and helps the project to proceed.
      3. Official Member: Active contributor(Mozilla Rep/ Student Rep/ or anyone) who has the right to vote in the decisions of the project.   
      4. Mentor: Contributor(may have experience/expertise in a area) with their experience can guide newly joined community members. Mentors help mentorees become future mentors.   
    • Feature various areas of contribution oppertunities at Mozilla India:
    1. Technical Management: Access to the housing master control, databases, disk space, use of     bandwidth and CPU, installation, configuration and management modules, and support other areas responsible for the management modules.
    2. Moderation: Defining hierarchies of forums and mailing lists, moderating role assignment most active collaborators, moderating forums, answers to queries.
    3. Documentation: Control and organization of the wiki documentation, review of contributions from other members, developing and maintaining FAQs, incorporating produced answers to common questions in forums and mailing lists. Preparation of tutorials.
    4. PR: Writing articles, news gathering and translation of Mozilla community sources in English (Mozilla Foundation, Mozilla Links, …), translation teams update product information at home,     organizing regular meetings on IRC.               
    5. Labs: Development of projects and assists users in the development forums.       
    6. Marketing: Spreading the word, marketing campaigns, events and all kinds of coordination to promote Mozilla in India.                   
    7. Localization/L10n: Help making Firefox, Thunderbird and other projects available in Indian languages. Also help tell your people about how Mozilla is building a better Internet by translating content on Mozilla web sites.
    8. Design: We believe in the power of well-made and widely distributed art, and want to make it possible for artists to cover the web and people with designs inspired by Mozilla.
    9. Support: Help users get the most out of using Firefox and other Mozilla projects.    
    10. WoMoz: promote the implication of women in the FLOSS world in general and in Mozilla’s teams more particularly – as well as increase awareness around this issue.
    11. WebFWD
    12. Drumbeat
  • Develop the website as part of the MCS-drupal module and make the theme code available publicly(like the Mozilla Antarctica wordpress theme)
  • Get hosting and domain support for our website from Mozilla
  • Create Mozilla India or MCS~Drupal git hub account
  • The Current MozilaIndia site is running Drupal 6.x which needs to be upgraded to Drupal 7.x
  • Invite web developers/drupal contributors

Its important for us to have your feedback or any suggestions in general, please leave your comments below or feel free to email us directly at info at mozillaindia dot org.

If you are an artist/ web designer/ developer/ company/ organization or someone who is enthusiastic in building awesome things related to web and would like to involve in the Mozilla India web design project, please commnet below or contact one of us: Abhishek(abhishek at mozillaindia dot org), or Vineel(vineel
at mozillaindia dot org), or Soumya(soumya at mozillaindia dot org), or Kinshuk(kinshuk at mozillaindia dot org) and we’ll get back to you at the earliest and help guide you through the rest of the process.

Of-course you are free to ask any questions or concerns you have, We’d be happy to answer. 🙂

(on behalf of Mozilla India team)

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