MozFest 2016 | Call For Proposals


The seventh-annual MozFest will be held in London, from Friday, Oct. 28 – Sunday, Oct. 30.

This year, we’ll tinker with open software, hardware, and practices. We’ll share prototypes and ideas openly, so people from across organisations and industries can help them grow. We’ll examine how issues like Web literacy, online privacy and encryption are relevant across the globe, and address challenges faced by people who don’t yet feel they are welcome on the Web.

We will have nine Spaces — physical and thematic areas of learning based around a broad topic — delivering a variety of workshops, talks and sessions on a range of subjects including localization, copywriting law, diversity on the Internet, Internet of Things, Open Badges, Web literacy, and digital art and culture.

There are different ways to participate in the festival:

Propose a Session

Submit a session, workshop or demo that is hands-on, educational and encourages collaboration. Your creativity, expertise, and contribution to the open Web will not only benefit the Mozfest community, and it will enhance your leadership skills. Read more details and submit your session here.

Register for a ticket

Join us at MozFest for the opportunity to meet, collaborate and work with developers, technologists, librarians, teachers, artists, journalists, scientists, open source enthusiasts and youth. We welcome anyone who is passionate, wants to learn more about the open Web and Web literacy. Register for a ticket here.

We’d love to see you at the festival so please join us for MozFest 2016!

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    We are a mobile apps development company.We are passionate about open source.We will attend the conference.


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    Awsome Stuff


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