Hello Mozilla, we are here!!

This is the first blog post being posted from http://blogmozillaindiaorg.wpengine.mcws.mozilla.community/ – the official blog for Mozilla India!

This would be our voice to the Mozilla Universe for years to come and this is where we would be putting up posts related to the Mozilla community in India.

This blog would also serve as our primary notice board, where we would be putting up all official posts and notifications from Mozilla India.

May the force be with us!

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  1. Aravind wrote on :

    Kudos on the update guys, the new site looks amazing! 🙂


  2. John wrote on :

    Sounds Great… Lookin forward to it ..


  3. Sourabh Kumar wrote on :

    excited about this…….:)


  4. Lijokv wrote on :

    best wishes Firefox,i think this is a turning point of your growth.


  5. Manikantan wrote on :

    Greetings… Is there a possibility to donate in INR instead of $? I see donation option available only in $. Regards.


    1. Rigin Oommen wrote on :


      Its great to hear from you about the donation to mozilla project

      Currently there is no option for payment in INR. But you can contribute to the mozilla project by using your credit card or debit card

      Mostly ICICI, citibank, hdfc banks cards are valid for this transaction.

      Rigin Oommen


  6. abhi12ravi wrote on :

    Currently there is an option to donate in INR. Check the blog post – http://blogmozillaindiaorg.wpengine.mcws.mozilla.community/1522


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