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Events! We LOVE doing events. Community events are an important part of the Mozilla experience. Events help bring together community to connect, nurture and grow. Our aim is to empower more people like YOU to do better events and contribute to spread Mozilla Mission. There has been a increase in event and speaker requests from across the country. Each day we receive several emails, phone calls, social media pings and in person. We follow-up, some are lost in the discussion, some are not specific with their requests, some events are done with last minute planning and no information on who is helping with which events. We do not have accurate data on number events happening each week. A lot of information is missing. All this is important data to understand and grow as a community.

Mozilla India Events and Speaker request form:
To address the above, we created a Events/ Speaker request form.
If you would like to host a Mozilla event at your college/region or invite a Mozillian to speak at a existing event, all you have to do is fill the above form.

Mozilla Reps, FSAs:
Even if you have all the support in going ahead with the event, it is important that everyone fill the events form so that we have a understanding of the metrics and maximize the community impact.

Please give as much specific information as possible while filling the form as that would help our team to support/ guide you in a faster way. It is okay if you do not have some information, just type ‘NA’.

Once you fill the form:
* Events team will review the requests and forward them to the respective task force.
* Events Task Force team will later connect applicants with Mozillian speaker(s), who would then work with you to plan event agenda and other logistics.
* This process may take upto a week or sooner depending on the information you submitted.

Anyone and everyone can host a Mozilla event! Talk to us for more information.

If you have any feedback, questions on this, please comment below or email us at: events at mozillaindia dot org


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  1. Sajid Ali Khan wrote on

    I need a eXperienced FSA or rep from Delhi so that we can invite him/her to give a lecture in our campus(Jamia Hamdard New Delhi),we need a speaker so that we can make our introductory seminar successful


    1. Abhiram wrote on

      Dear Sajid,
      Are you still in search of a speaker or has your request been fulfilled?


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