Mozilla South Asia Meetup 2014

The second Mozilla South Asia meetup happened at Kolkata, the cultural capital of India during January 25-26. This meetup brought together community leaders from Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and remote participation from Bangladesh and Pakistan community, including staff from Japan, France and Germany to meet for 2 days of presentations, breakout sessions and discussions. Also the idea is to ensure that the regional community are aligned with greater engagement efforts across the Mozilla organization.


Gen Kanai, Mozilla Business Development Director for Asia, giving a talk on ‘Million Mozillians’

Day 1:
All the communities were asked to answer below 4 questions, the questions are to be answered by respective regional community groups:

  1. What are you most proud of in 2013?
  2. What was your biggest challenge in 2013?
  3. What is your big goal for 2014?
  4. Where can we follow/ learn more about you?

Adding to this, Gen Kanai encouraged regional communities to make a report by each to reflect upon community accomplishment’s, milestones, challenges, community metrics from 2013 and share the story with the global community. We as part of Mozilla India will be making a separate post to share the state of things at the regional community.

Later Gen gave a talk on ‘One Million Mozillians’, followed by ‘Firefox OS Presentation’ sharing about Marketing and its Roadmap.

The second half of the day we did SWOT analysis. The aim of the workshop is to have a deeper understanding of the regional community strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It was one intense session which involved a lot of discussion.


Danishka from Sri Lanka community

Topics Prioritization & Discussion on Community SWOT: regional communities were asked to list their priority(P1, P2, P3) to the SWOT topics listed.  All the P1 marked(high) priority items from all the regional communities were now clubbed under one topic, meaning all the P1 Strengths at one place, all P1 Weaknesses at one place and so on.

After that Gen gave a talk on Australis. Followed by William’s talk on ‘Community Building and reps’ which covered some important questions from the P1 SWOT list. Then Rosana talked on SUMO(Support Mozilla).


Rosana Ardila from Mozilla Support team(SUMO)

The meetup helped regional communities share and learn from each others experience working on the Mozilla Project, improve community building efforts, and work on specific tasks. The meetup has been productive and South Asia community will be focused on strategizing, building necessary tools and resources to nurture the existing community and at the same time plan towards scaling with the mission of reaching a Million Mozillians. Specifically starting this year the regional community will be playing an important in supporting and implementing the upcoming Mozilla project initiatives.

William Quiviger

William Quiviger from Mozilla People’s Team

This post do not cover the actual topics, discussion summary because that information would be shared by respective regional community to their own local. Mozilla India community will be sharing its specific updates, meetup discussion summary at the upcoming Community India meetup. This is going to be a very busy year for all the South Asian communities and a important one. You may start looking forward to your local community meetup as there are so many exciting updates.

Left: Sayak Sarkar from India community

 Thanks for the awesome local community members – Srijib Roy, Gaurab Patra, Subhashish Kundu, Avik Pal, Swarnava Sen Gupta, Umesh Agarwal, Kaustav Das, Shahid Farooqui, Sayak Sarkar and Priyanka Nag. A big thanks to Soumya Deb for working effortlessly in putting this meetup together. Thanks to Gen Kanai, William Quiviger, Rosana Ardila for guiding with the discussion, sharing updates from Mozilla and most importantly spending time with the community.


Top: Remote participation from Bangladesh and Pakistan community members. Top screen: Mahay Alam Khan, Left: Huda Sarfraz & Mashkawat Ahsan

Adding to that, the authentic Bengali food to the adventure filled road transport, it was a experience doing the meetup at the City of Joy.

More photos here. If you have written about this meetup, please share the link to it in below comments and we’ll update it here.

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