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[Call for Action] Pan India Mozilla Geolocation Pilot v2.0

After the grand success of the first experimental Pilot, the Mozilla Geolocation team is excited to run another pilot in India.

Yes, we’ve achieved almost 10x the metrics we had approximated in terms of coverage, peaked the global contribution to 10x during the sprint and sustained a considerable regular contribution to the project (3x) even after the sprint was over – as Pierro’s neatly summed it up.

A big hug & thank you to all who participated… and now, let’s take the opportunity of the second pilot & break our own past record!

Bytheway, if you are one of the top-contributor of the first pilot, but haven’t yet received the gift power-bank yet – it’s because the trouble with shipping electronics in India without a vendor license. We’ll be handing out all the gifts at the MozCamp Beta India; if you’re not attending in person, then it will be sent to you via a ReMo from your region.

Event Details

In order to improvise from our last pilot, we’ve figured that there’s no need for it to be an offline, single venue event. This time we’re going with pan-India scope right from the beginning & kicking-off with a virtual event (Video Conference), for anyone to join in, from anywhere in India.

The kick off event has been scheduled at 2:00PM IST on 8th June, 2014. Join us over Vidyo at

Once kicked off, y’all will have exactly one week (ending on 15th June, 2014 at 5:30PM IST) to scout all over India with MozStumbler. But make sure to register yourselves as a Geolocation scout (detailed later; registering is important).

Remote Sites

As the event will be kicked off with a virtual event, we’ve primarily selected a few remote sites where we’ll be having teams who will be joining us over the video conference. Here’s the list of locations we have so far:

City               Curator                  Venue
Bangalore          Priyanka Nag             Scrollback
Hyderabad          Srikar Ananthula         Ananya Hostel
Pune               Sayak Sarkar             Red Hat
Nashik             Ankit Gadgil             Aakashwani Tower

If you’re from the listed cities, please contact the respective curators from your city for details on how to join; OR, if you’re planning to host a remote site & your city isn’t listed above, please contact me with the details & I’ll have the list updated.

Reward & Recognition

As Mozilla Location Service’s community is growing, we’ll count on you to make your region brightest on the MSL’s Map; and all your contributions will be recognized with a follow-up post.

That’s not all. To further appreciate the top contributors, we’ll be giving away the following gifts:

  1. 1x Firefox OS Tablet
  2. 2x Firefox OS Phone
  3. 2x Large Power Banks
  4. 5x Small Power Banks

The chart will be declared on 15th June, 2014 EOD, and the gifts will be handed out, or sent to on the 22nd June, 2014 at MozCamp India Beta in Bangalore.

How to participate

Please fill up this form to register yourself as a scout of Mozilla Geolocation Pilot 2:

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gears & go on scouting!

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