Help us translate Firefox OS support articles to Hindi and Bengali!

1.4 million people are getting help every day on on our support Knowledge Base alone.

Last year, we’ve  expanded our reach, thanks to the great work our contributors have done.Now, everybody who bought a FxOS smartphone can find useful information on how to maximize their experience with their new phone. Regardless of whether they are reading us from Spain, Colombia, Poland or UK, our users can easily find answers to their questions in their own language.


We would love to be able to translate all the content in our FxOS Knowledge Base to Hindi and Bengali as well! To do this, we need your help! So, if you speak both English and Hindi/Bengali, we’d love to hear from you! Because we know your time is precious, if you translate 5 articles or more and we approve it, we’ll send you a nice “Thank you” gift. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to test the phone for yourself!

 To get involved you have to follow a couple of simple steps:

  1. Sign into your account or create one if you’re a first time user in the upper right corner
  2. Go on the localization dashboard: HINDI or BENGALI
  3. Look for those articles that need translation as indicated with a red triangle red triangle in the status column.
  4. Click on article name and then on Translate article option, on the left side of the screen
  5. Start localizing! When you’re finished, hit “Submit”. Your translations will automatically be sent for review.
  6. Once you’ve finished all 5 articles and sent them for review, copy and paste each of the 5 links them into this Form and along with all the information requested so that we can easily get in contact with you.
  7. One of our experienced localizers will have a look at your work. If they approve all 5 articles, we will go ahead and send you your “Thank you” gift!

Are you ready?

4 comments on “Help us translate Firefox OS support articles to Hindi and Bengali!”

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  1. Talha Anwar wrote on


    I translated five articles and filled the form some 4 days back but haven’t received any follow up email from Mozilla or any other guys.


    Talha Anwar.


    1. Ishan wrote on

      Same happened with me.


  2. Ishan Jain wrote on

    Hi Swarnava,
    Please let me know whether I have to paste the link of original (in English) article or the translated one in the form.


  3. amarnath wrote on

    Wow mozilla supports indian languages , thats amazing


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