Localizing MDN articles….to do or not to do?

Like most Mozilla products, the growth within the MDN community as well as the MDN user base is creating a demand for the platform to contain more localized articles.

Before we commit to this HUGE task of localizing MDN articles, one important question we need to address is whether we need articles to be localized in Indic languages or not. This question arises from the basic background question of whether Indian developers use (or need) technical articles in local languages.

The answer is both ‘yes‘ and ‘no‘. There are locales which might be used more widely among developer communities in India but as the statistics show, most Indian developers are used to reading and referring to English articles for most technical documentations. There might be two reasons behind it –  either not too many good quality articles are available in local languages or not too many developers feel the need for local languages when it comes to technical documentation.

Through this blog post, we are trying to understand the user requirements before jumping into starting with localizing MDN articles in any of the Indic languages. If our target audience turns out to be too small, we do not see much requirement for spending too much man power behind this task right now.

If you are a developer, we would request you fill up this form and help us understand whether you would like more technical articles in your own language(s).

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  1. Chiranjeev wrote on

    English is good enough for technical articles.


  2. Meena wrote on

    Yes, You should go ahead as English is second language in india, also preferred language


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