Scorecard is out: Geolocation Pilot 2 is again a massive success

After the booming success of First Mozilla Geolocation Pilot in India, where we touched 10x the metrics we sought, we did it again!

Not only that we’ve reached out to more scouts, we’ve reached to many new places. Also, the points-per-head value has increased significantly. Please note that, when we’re talking about reaching out to new places – it means, discovery of new cells. As the total area is limited, the discovery should be more and more difficult – whereas, we’ve actually increased that number as well. It indicates how much efforts have been put by our geo-scouts.

MozGeo Pilots' Impact


Checkout the difference before and after the #MozGeo pilot 2. It’s evident that we’ve done a great job in southern India, west of India, and partially central & north India. There’s a huge opportunity for the folks in east to reclaim points for new locations discovered.

So, if you’re traveling eastern India, make sure you’re mozStumbling along! 😉



Like the last pilot, this time too, we’re counting the points scored by the scouts over the course of the week of event. So, the points were calculated from 8th June to 15th June, both days included.

As announced before, for the winners of the goodies/giveaways, we’ll be using the main total points’ scorecard only, but we’ll also publish some new charts to recognize the discoverers of new locations, even if all of them might not have made into the main chart. Discovery of new network cells & WiFi hotspots are important & thanks to the valiant new discoverers.

Hint: discovery of new cells & hotspots may have an impact in scoring from next events.


So, without further ado, here’re the leaders of the Mozilla India Geolocation Pilot 2:

Rank  Name                ID                  Points    Gift
----  ----                --                  ------    ----
1     Suraj Kawade        Sur                 76546     Firefox OS Tablet
2     Rigin Oommen        Rigin Oommen        58797     Firefox OS Phone
3     Faheem K            fhm                 50049     Firefox OS Phone
4     Suneesh             suneesh             48557     5600mAh Battery Pack
5     Ram Dayal Vaishnav  code_monkey         38981     5600mAh Battery Pack
6     Namu Srikanth       srikanth            38900     2800mAh Battery Pack
7     Tanay Pant          tanay1337           32923     2800mAh Battery Pack
8     Ronit Dinesh Jadhav ronit_jadhav        25495     2800mAh Battery Pack
9     Adit Bhardwaj       adi                 13435     2800mAh Battery Pack
10    Sohan Bandewar      sohanthecontributer 12929     2800mAh Battery Pack

However, we must recognize the discoverers of previously unknown cells & hostspots:

Rank  ID           New Cells | Rank  ID                New HostSpots
----  --           --------- | ----  --                -------------
1     fhm          2520      | 1     code_monkey       5365
2     code_monkey  911       | 2     Sur               4779
3     suneesh      808       | 3     suneesh           4768
4     Rigin Oommen 570       | 4     prathamesh.chavan 3724
5     Sur          533       | 5     tanay1337         1922
6     adi          439       | 6     ronit_jadhav      1600
7     stultus      422       | 7     srikanth          1202
8     tanay1337    418       | 8     diwanshi          1115
9     ronit_jadhav 409       | 9     djaniketster      956
10    srikanth     338       | 10    srikar            737

Add to that, this time we had 90 unique scout registrations (hot damn… so close to century). I’m sure there are many more, who somehow missed to register themselves. Anyway, here’s the complete list of registered scouts, in dictionary order:

aarjun31, abhishekp, adi, Afreen, aish, Ajay Jogawath, amaneight, amjadm61, anivar, anknite, anr, anushbmx, Aravind, arunprasad95, Bala Subramaniyan, Bohemian, cbaba20, Chandan, Charan, cherishsantosh, code_monkey, Debloper, Deep, diwanshi, djaniketster, duraik3, , Dyvik, Dyvik, ekuttan, fhm, FxClubPESITBSC, Galaxy, greatwarrior, haseeb, Hemanth, Hitashi, iamjayakumars, Jayant, jittu, Karthic, KKD, KUMARESAN.C.S., Manikanta, MetAnkit, midhun, mohit, Mrinal, Mukesh, nagasahas, naresh, Nir, pailvarun, prathamesh.chavan, prince, rahultalreja2605, Rigin Oommen, rish, rishabh01, Roal, ronit_jadhav, sawrubh, sayak, shahidfarooqui, shiva, Shubham, sidbhatt11, Sidd607, skesiraju, sohanthecontributer, sonusandeep, srikanth, srikar, stultus, Sujata, sumanth, suneesh, sunny, Sur, tanay1337, tsl, vabajaj, venki, vi5halc, viggy_fsmk, viki, vinitraje, Vishal, vsskanand, yomanpatil

That’s not all… to give more insights into how the Geolocation Pilots affects the contribution metrics, here’s the table that will help understand the impact of the announced sprints:

Normal Days  Users  Points  | Event Days  Users  Points
-----------  -----  ------  | ----------  -----  ------
2014-06-01     4     6901   | 2014-06-08    18    28412
2014-06-02     4     4422   | 2014-06-09    23    29678
2014-06-03     2     1040   | 2014-06-10    17    29885
2014-06-04     4     2882   | 2014-06-11    19    53057
2014-06-05     4     2914   | 2014-06-12    21    53789
2014-06-06     4     3986   | 2014-06-13    21    84271
2014-06-07     7    12290   | 2014-06-14    21    97552
2014-06-16     9     8744   | 2014-06-15    18    76889


Thanks Pierros, Hanno and rest of the MLS team for the great support. It took a lot of effort, but was totally worth it. Hanno, sorry to make you keep your breakfast aside in order get the leaderboard data ready – the excitement was overwhelming! 😀

Thanks a lot Ankit, Priyanka, Sayak, Srikar for hosting the remote kick-off virtual-conferences in multiple cities, thanks to all who had joined over the video conference; and of course thanks to Ani Peter, Red Hat, Scrollback and everyone who helped organize this event.

Last but definitely not the least. Thanks to all of you scouts who worked hard to make the MLS maps brighter for India. We’re certain that you all deserve more, and we’d be glad to reward you all far more than the limited capacity we have now.

But no worries… in case we come up with a better plan – we already got your email IDs! 😉

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