Firefox OS Bus Day 1: Fox On The Road

As per scheduled, we all landed in Hyderabad. Well, to be precise ‘we’ here refer to the 8 awesome mozillians from all over India who are a part of the mobilizer crew in the FirefoxOS bus.

Who were the awesome people?

Although we all had different flight timings we managed to gather in ‘Collab House‘, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Sumantro and me arrived from Kolkata. We were warmly welcomed by Abid, Mission Commander of FirefoxOS bus. Soon after our arrival, Dipesh from Udaipur, Mrinal from Indore and Akshay from Hyderabad arrived. We were eagerly waiting for Vineel, our Head of the crew. After his arrival Vikas, logistics lead was there followed by some enthusiastic mozillians from Hyderabad.

Course of the day

We started of with the initial introduction and then we carried on with our work. There were loads of work left before getting onboard. We quickly grabbed our dinner at around 8.30pm. Only after finishing off with dinner we got to see the amazing FirefoxOs bus. The magnificent view of the bus made all of us really happy and excited. After some quick photo sessions, finally we started our journey.

Leaving for Chennai- first destination

Bidding goodbye to Hyderabad, we left for Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Traveling for almost eight hours, we stopped at ‘Ongole’. Getting some refreshments we continued our journey for Chennai. Our first destination was VIT, Chennai campus. The energetic, excited and awesome regional coordinators Gauthamraj and Tejdeep were eagerly waiting for us. Although, we lagged in time but nevertheless, We appreciate the students of VIT for their warm welcome and participation made us feel like home. The entire session was nicely conducted by all the crew members. The regional coordinators along with the volunteers (FSA’S) need a special mention for coordinating the event so well. On the other side, Sai Kiran, another Mozillian from Warangal, joined us. Last but no way the least, without the amazing participants FirefoxOS program would not have been successful.

 What attracted people?

The special attraction was the fox mascot. People got attracted towards the presence of the sweet Foxy. There was a huge queue for having a selfie session with the mascot. The best part about VIT Chennai campus was that soon after we left the campus we saw posts coming on #FirefoxOsbus.

After Chennai campus we started our journey towards VIT vellore campus. It took almost 3 hours for the FirefoxOs bus to reach VIT Vellore. We were really late but were happy to see the enthusiastic team waiting for us. With the help of the coordinators we successfully completed FirefoxOS campaign in Vellore. Thanks to Jaykumar and Kasish for helping us organize it in Vellore.

Once again props to all the Mozillians in and around Tamil Nadu who made this #FirefoxOSBus a grand success.

Had a lip smacking dinner in Olive Kitchen, Vellore and from there, we started our journey towards Kochi which is nearly 800 km. Long night but worth it. 😉

…and miles to go before we sleep.
Contributed By
Sreemegha Guha and Akshay Tiwari

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  1. Mohammed Mahboob Baig wrote on

    While you people were im hyderabad, you clicked some pictures in Gadget Expo event at JRC convention centre, jubilee hills. One of you guys said that those pics will be uploaded at this blog, where are those pictures?? Can you please upload it?


    1. Mohammed Mahboob Baig wrote on

      It would be better if u email it at my email id given above, please.


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