Announcing Mozilla Community Space Bangalore

Exciting time, Mozillians!

As part of the Mozilla Community Space Initiative, Bangalore has been selected as one of the pilot city for the ‘Mozilla Community Space Bangalore’ initiative. Mozilla Community Space will be a volunteer run community space, supported by Mozilla.

The Mozilla Community Space Initiative aims to empower communities to run their own physical work spaces where Mozillians and open web enthusiasts can meet, share, learn, hack and collaborate in person.

The Bangalore Mozilla community space is located at:

#10, Serenity,
3rd Floor, ‘A’ Cross
Palm Grove Road, Austin Town
Bangalore 560 047
* Click for Map link.

The space has been functioning for sometime now and from William Quiviger’s visit to Bangalore earlier this month, specifics have been discussed and things are set in stone and the space is officially set to go!

For the next few weeks as we work on set of activities at the community space, we need your help to make most of the resources. In the following days do join the regular meetups to bring together the community, discuss on the kind of activities that can be planned, discuss what Open Web technologies or Digital Skills you/ your friends would like to learn or hack or teach at the space and a lot more! This is an exciting opportunity for the regional community to explore the resource to engage, empower and grow together.

Here you can learn in detail about the Community Space guidelines and related info.

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Looking forward to see you at the Community Space!


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