Let’s get this fire started

For 10 years, Firefox has been the independent browser of choice, and we couldn’t have done it without You.

Today, everything we stand for is at stake. Ownership of the Internet. Protection of Your data. Control over of Your experience.

Nothing short of Your online independence.

It’s time to take a stand. Help us light a fire.

Are You in?

Join us in making sure the passion for a free and open Internet never, ever burns out.

Tell Your friends and help us light a fire. Choose Independent. Choose Firefox.

Interested to see, how mozillians across the globe, are celebrated worlds most trusted product’s 10th anniversary? Have a look at this album.

You can find few official graphics to share through Social Media, from this folder. Change Your profile picture, update Your cover picture and share with Your friends, using #fx10 and  #‎ChooseIndependent‬ .

Happy anniversary!

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