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Mozbus at the city of Lakes!

After celebrating Diwali the FirefoxOSbus arrived to the most welcoming city of Rajasthan,Udaipur famous for its lakes and palaces. We were running late from the scheduled time for Udaipur as Roads were unpredictable , finally after a few humps and bumps of the road trips we reached at Shikshantar, a learning hub at Udaipur.

Shikshantar is an Open space with the motive ‘shiksha mei antar’ i.e. the difference in education between that we are currently learning (following the schools and colleges curriculum) and the real way that we are actually supposed to learn(following your dreams and passion).The place is a open space where you are free to do whatever you want, and learning from making errors is the type of curriculum that a person follows.

As we reached Shikshantar we were welcomed by the Manish Kataria , one of the freelancer of shikshanatar who is currently working on encouraging use of cycles in india. The time we entered shikshantar, the place had its own magic ,everyone was so excited to see the learning center. We did a little up of freshening up and then a few FSAs and Freelancers who were keen about Firefox Os were waiting for us since morning. We took a small session about what Mozilla is and the ultra low cost firefox Os.After having a talk with them Firefox OS devices were shown to them and all their eagerly waiting quires and questions were solved. Then Manish Kataria and Akshay Tiwari engaged the Firefox enthuiastics with some ice breakers and swags were distributed after that.

The place was so tempting with its own flavors that our crew members got involved in them. Our crew members, Sreemegha, Abid, Akshay had a great time in trying out different instruments and music.

After this we rolled out for lunch at 4 PM and headed towards  Aishwaria Resort.

From aishwaria we headed towards FatheSagar, the most famous lake of Udaipur,there we engaged with the general crowd of Udaipur with our Firefox OS and a word for web literacy, then swags were distributed to the most enthusiastic people after that were visited a few more places and carried out same events and received great applause for the cause we were running the campaign.


After a hectic schedule we finally having a Rajasthani dinner at Nataraj dinning hall,went back to shikshantar ,bade final goodbye to the shikshanatar community and headed towards Jaipur.

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  1. trishul wrote on

    Awesome Work, Shikshantar was the best place indeed.


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