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Take Aways of MozDeccan, The Mozilla Hyderabad Meetup 2015

Following up MozDeccan’s day 1 updates, here are updates from day 2 and take-aways of MozDeccan, the Mozilla Hyderabad local community meet-up 2015. On day 1, all active and core members of the local community were invited for planning road-map for 2015, with help of our past experience. The focus was on looking back at what we did till now, where we are today, framing goals for future & fine tuning the road-map.
IMG_1351Around 40 people enthusiastic about Mozilla joined us on the second day of the meet-up – MozDeccan. Many of them had good idea of the community, but few new faces were also there, who were quite new to the local community.

Vineel opened the event by introducing Mozilla Hyderabad to participants. Akshay Tiwari and Harsha Bandaru, continued the discussion by sharing the statistics of the community with everyone. This was a very proud moment for all of us. Seeing the achievement and awesome work done by the awesome community members in last year was indeed the most pleasant feeling indeed. During ice breaker sessions, all of us enjoyed the activities over hot topics like net neutrality & mobile phones usage.

IMG_1528Next we briefed about the functional areas to the participants and had interactive sessions on the same. These sessions were taken care of by the respective mentors. This made the audience select the areas which interests them and get more clarity about it.
IMG_1524Post lunch we had hands-on learning sessions for different functional areas. A big round of applause for Akshay, Harsha, Sai Charan and other volunteers who did a great job in handling the hands on sessions. And Indeed, a big round of applause for the whole community and the audience of the day. Find out more about the demos and tasks accomplished during these sessions on the etherpad.
IMG_1581The biggest take-away of the event was the mentors based functional areas groups. The audience selected the areas in which they want to contribute, and the mentors share the road of their functional area with the group members. As the take away, the mentors of the groups will do continuous follow up with the group members, we all group will do their best to achieve the goals we defined for 2015 at earliest. For example you can read about Bugzilla group’s goals and milestones in this blogpost. The event was closed with the take away, road maps, and the cheering faces 🙂


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