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Army of Awesome, Support Mozilla Firefox by helping twitter users

Mozilla provides many ways to contribute into their support team, which is called SuMo, and one of them is AoA – Army of Awesome. In Army of Awesome, contributors respond to twitter users. Whenever anyone tweet anything related to firefox, it is filtered and displayed on AoA page where contributors can reply to these tweets.

How do I start with Army of Awesome:

  • There you will see “Save the world (from the comfort of your couch)”, click on the button below it saying “Get involved – Help other users”
  • Now go to section “Pick a way to get involved” and click on “Army of Awesome: help users on Twitter”. Other ways to contribute to SuMo are Answer questions in the support forum, Write help articles, Translate help to your languages.
  • Now you will see Army of Awesome page saying “Love Firefox and have a few moments to help? Help other Firefox users on Twitter. Good things will come to those who tweet! “
  • Just log into your twitter account to reply the tweets.
  • Replying is also very easy, either you can also use pre-defined replies or reply with personalized message(recommended).

If you are not a frequent twitter user, and you start it only for AoA, then twitter may suspend your account for violation of their rules. To make sure your account is not suspended, follow the tips

  • Along with replying on AoA page, open your twitter account and tweet something frequently.
  • It will be better if the tweets you are posting from twitter have variety, like personal tweets (without links or hashtags), images etc.
  • Click on @Connect, next to Home button link on top bar, which will take you to, here you will see if you have got any reply back from users whom you have replied from AoA page. If needed, reply them back for anything needed.
  • On AoA page, try to use personalized replies instead of provided replies. Provided replies contains few links, and if you will send same set of links to people then twitter will think its some spam.

If you have any other queries, kindly comment below. Thanks for reading the article! 🙂

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