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Firefox OS Bus Day 2: Kochi here we are!

How it started?

After the awesome bus tour which was just the beginning, we drove for more than 10 hrs from Vellore to Kochi which was our next stop for spreading the word and doing much more. In the morning we stopped at a Restaurant to freshen up and rejuvenate ourselves with all the energy and give our best.
Upon reaching, Abid and the mozillians (Binoy, Anush) who had the whole plan setup making the mobilizers attain more better stability and go get right away get to the campaign. So, we directly headed towards to the Startup Village AKA the Silicon Valley Of Kerala.

The campaign

This Startup village plays host to a large number of tech and dev centric startup. The Mobilizer crew divided themselves in a block of 3 people and started talking to all the people who were working in every floor. The great coordination of regional mozillians had a great role in the perfect execution of the plans.

It was about 1300hrs when we finished the 10k startup building and went for some heavy snacks before traveling to Cocin University Science and Technology, which was again played host to Maker Party Kochi. So by the time we reached Cocin University Science and Technology (CUSAT) it has already started raining heavily so we had to dress up the mascot and get along with the activities. It turned out to be extremely successful when we saw so many people coming to pose with the mascot and many promising developers asking us about how they would help by contributing to marketplace. The day ended by giving out swags and Loads of pictures with foxy being posted with hashtag #FirefoxOSBus on the social media.

The Fun and Promise

After a short while headed to for a music festival of CUSAT where we had a nice evening all thanks to the volunteers for getting us the passes. The dinner was at Majlish, an Arabian Restaurant which was damn delicious. That’s how another day comes to an end , promising another morning where we would explore , learn and share the word “Firefox OS” with the prime believe that it will not only blaze the path but will also bring a revolution in the life of the next 2 billion who are about to come online in the near future. Now, we are resting the night in a hotel from where we will depart for Bangalore early morning Via Mysore and few more places.

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