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Firefox OS Intensive Workshop in Bangalore and Delhi – Save the dates!

Are you an intermediate or experienced Web developer who is either interested in Firefox OS, or have tested the waters but want to build richer, more compelling apps?

Join us for a two-day intensive workshop either in Delhi (Nov 8-9) or in Bangalore (Nov 15-16), focused on Firefox OS advanced application development, covering topics such as user research, developer tools, performance, power and data efficiency, toolkits and libraries, debugging, all with a focus on the 128MB devices shipping in India today. Learn how to write code for a range of typical use-cases, utilizing all of the features that the 128MB devices have to offer, with an overall goal of understanding your users and building powerful, relevant and performant apps that they’ll love.

The venue for the events are as follows:

[1] Delhi (Nov 8-9) : Quicksand (

[2] Bangalore (Nov 15-16) : Collab House, Bangalore (


Apply Today!

Mozilla will not cover anyone’s travel or accommodation for these events.

For more information, please check the following –

P.S: Participation is free and food/drinks will be served throughout the workshop. Space is limited to the top 30 qualified applicants for each workshop.

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