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Indore In & Out!!!

After the epic conclusion of our visit in Nashik, we hit the road at approximately 1am IST. Our crew, now with the addition of (me), left through the moonlit roads which took us to our next awesome destination Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Well as this was our seventh day of the FirefoxOSbus trip, we all were quite tired and worn out. Of course the spirit and the enthusiasm we get while visiting Mozillians from around the country let us forget all our fatigue. As I was new, we all got to know each other. Oh and a special kudos to the light-hearted nature of all the onboard crew for letting me gel more easily than I thought.

So, we reached Indore at around 9 in the morning the next day. The Regional Coordinator Shafique Patni received us and we moved to his house, which was at a short distance away. After grabbing some rest we were all set to go for our 1st destination. We went to “Vatsana”, a startup in Indore. We were overwhelmed to meet the enthusiastic office crowd. We were greeted by them. Soon after this we started introducing firefoxOS to the crowd. The response was awesome. The local news channel Patrika Indore was there to cover the entire team. We are really thankful to all the mozillians of Indore who organized this super event. Our foxy was all set to entertain Indore crowd.




We went to the famous “56 indore shops” for our lunch and after completing the lip smacking food we went to another famous place of Indore. This famous “gali” was popular for innumerable mobile shops. We went to all the shops and spread the awareness of firefoxOS.


After completing our dinner, we celebrated Diwali in Indore style with the awesome crackers and then left Indore for Udaipur in our mozbus. We thank the entire Indore community for hosting all the events so well. Hope to come back soon Indore.



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